Art Classes For Young Artists

Art Education Services is a small Art Studio specializing in after school classes for Young Artists  The students who attend classes here range in age from 6 years old (or first grade) to high school seniors, many of whom are preparing portfolios for admission to Art Departments in college and/or admission to specialized Art Institutes.

The Art Studio is a two room building behind my home at 57 Waterville Street in North Grafton, Massachusetts.  (Route 30)  In 1999 I began teaching out of half of a converted garage, carrying water out there in a bucket, furnishing it with garage sale “finds” and having to have a “field trip” to the house anytime someone needed to use a bathroom.  We’ve come a long way since then.  After two years of teaching out of the garage I was able to add a studio (with a bathroom) that is used exclusively for teaching Art.  Over the years we’ve acquired a lot of additional equipment and supplies and the studio is now a lively well-equipped classroom.

Here are some pictures from the studio


My preference is to teach what I call “Painting & Drawing” classes.  These classes incorporate a wide range of media enabling students to have experience with a lot of traditional materials that they would otherwise not have an opportunity to use.  For example, in addition to using “Sharpies” we also use old fashioned dip pens and India ink.  The students are taught the difference between transparent watercolors and opaque watercolors (gouache).  They are given many different drawing materials to use such as vine charcoal, compressed charcoal, Conte crayons, graphite sticks, colored pencils, chalk and oil pastels……just to name a few.  We talk about the different media in detail, including the historical uses.  And while we are doing that, we also learn about many of the artists who have used these same materials.  I also teach oil painting, relief printmaking and hand building with stoneware clay.  The studio is equipped with two kilns as well as a full array of glazes.  I incorporate these media into the Painting & Drawing classes in order to expose students to the widest possible range of materials.

In order to provide the best experience possible for my students I supply all of the materials that they use.  This includes 140 lb. and 200 lb. watercolor paper, high quality bristol board for drawing, stretched canvas for oil painting, good quality Robert Simmons brushes that are replaced as needed, Yarka watercolor sets, Winsor Newton oil paints, an assortment of gouache paints, a wide range of artists’ drawing pencils and other dry drawing materials as well as a full range of wet drawing materials and tools.  An extensive library of Art books, both about the lives of artists as well as Art techniques, is available for student use.

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